Support Laibach projects, collect stamps, and receive WTC discounts!

Buy Spectre Party Revenue Stamps

- Get your own Spectre Party book. - Collect stamps of different values.

Receive huge Laibach WTC merchandise discounts.

100 II stamp

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100 II stamp – You get 100€ store credit + 20% discount on all WTC items for 1 year

50 II stamp

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50 II stamp – You get 50€ store credit + 10% discount on all WTC items for 1 year

30 II stamp

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30 II stamp – You get 30€ store credit + 5% discount on all WTC items for 1 year

More info:

By ordering Spectre Party Revenue Stamps you are actively supporting Laibach’s upcoming projects and your support is vital. Furthermore, with each Revenue Stamp that you purchase you not only bring Laibach’s projects to life but you also gain the Party’s appreciation, trust, and affection.


Since the formation of the Spectre Party we have witnessed the rapid growth of the Party membership base, which is certainly a good omen for the future! A party is an organization of people that seeks to achieve goals common to its members through the acquisition and exercise of political, social, or cultural power. The Laibach Spectre Party can be all of this; it can create goals common to its members and it can contribute to significant social, political, and cultural change. Changing the world and the Universe is not impossible! Together we can make a difference. In this process of expanding the idea of the Spectre international party, Laibach can and must act as the torch, the lighthouse, the moving force, and an inspiration for action. We can always do things on our own, by ourselves and for ourselves, but sharing and collaborating is better; we can do much more with your help, your active contribution, and your support.

We will be working on many interesting new projects, concerts, and releases in the future. Some projects pay and some don’t. Those that don’t are as important as those that do, sometimes even more so.

How can you help us to bring these projects to life?

In past years we created WTC merchandise, which already substantially co-finances and subsidizes our tours and selected projects, which we are sure you are aware of. Every Laibach T-shirt and every badge that you buy helps – and creates new possibilities. Some projects need to be supported in advance, otherwise there’s little chance we can do them. In order to support these causes, we have created a set of beautiful, unique, and exclusive Spectre Revenue Stamps (SRS) (offset print, relief printed with a book printing press, numbered with a mechanical book printing press counter).


The value of the stamps are 100 II (products), 50 II, and 30 II, equivalent to €100, €50, and €30, respectively, but their potential value might increase in time, so they can represent a valuable acquisition on their own. Furthermore, by purchasing them, you also gain a substantial benefit because each of the stamps gives you the option of unlimited shopping on the Laibach WTC Internet Store all year round with discounts of 20%, 10%, or 5%, respectively.

With any of these three stamps you can also order merchandise for the full value of the stamp (with the discount included). See the examples below:

100 II stamp – You get €100 store credit + a 20% discount on all WTC items for 1 year;
50 II stamp – You get €50 store credit + a 10% discount on all WTC items for 1 year;
30 II stamp – You get €30 store credit + a 5% discount on all WTC items for 1 year.

In other words – by purchasing a revenue stamp worth 100 II, you get €100 credit plus you can order an unlimited amount of merchandise from the Laibach WTC Internet Store at a 20% discount all year round on all items, including artworks, graphics, books, CDs, etc., etc. You can also pre-order special and limited album releases (of which there will be several in the future) with an additional stamp – with a corresponding discount on top of the pre-order discount. With a 50 II stamp your immediate credit is €50 and includes a 10% discount on all WTC products, 365 days of the year. With a 30 II stamp you get €30 of credit plus a 5% discount for an entire year.

Do you consider yourself a true Laibach follower and supporter?

Then join the Spectre party and become a part of the movement and receive Party book

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